10 Best Bamboo Wind Chimes For Feng Shui [2022 Updated]

Last updated on April 20th, 2022 at 04:38 pm

In this article, I am going to suggest to you the best bamboo wind chimes that you can use for feng shui.

Bamboo wind chimes create great natural sounds. This is a nice attachment to your interior or patio. Besides, the natural look of bamboo wind chimes looks amazing while hanging in your garden.

Wind chimes are closely related to feng shui from the very beginning. These wind chimes in this article are also considered the best feng shui wind chimes out there.

The metal and clay materials create loud chimes. They are heard even from a distance. But nothing can beat the soothing melody of bamboo wind chimes.

Sometimes low tone wind chimes are best for relaxing. The ancient Chinese and Japanese used bamboo to make wind chimes for Feng shui.

Best Bamboo Wind Chimes Reviews

There are thousands of chimes in the stores made of bamboo. They are of different sizes, colors, and designs. Since different people have different tastes, you can not tell which is the best bamboo wind chime.

But still, our editorial team of architects and interior designers think that these 10 bamboo wind chimes can be the best picks for your home sweet home. On top of that, these are also the best wind chimes for feng shui.

1. Nalulu Classic Large Outdoor Bamboo Wind Chime

Nalulu Classic - best bamboo wind chimes


Nalulu is a chime production company founded in 2017. They are specialized in bamboo chimes. They have a wide range of wind chimes made of bamboo.

The company brings these chimes from the original bamboo wind chime makers of Indonesia. So, you are getting genuine Asian craftsmanship in this wind chime.

This is one of their classic chimes and it is really beautiful. The chime is completely handmade. Although the finishing seems flawless. The length of the chime is 16 inches.

It comes in brown color. The artisans used a double protection varnish on it. However, the overall design is quite simple. There is not any kind of patterns or engravings on it.

The people who love minimal design can pick this for their home. The hooks are made of rust-free stainless steel. I liked the overall build quality.

Most of the time the hook or strings get loosened which makes the chime fail to produce a good sound. I don’t think you will have to face such problems with this chime.

It creates beautiful sound notes. This chime has large clappers for producing enough vibrations. The sound is quite balanced. The manufacturer is claiming that it will help you to relieve stress.

I found the tune very soothing and calm. You can even hang it in your bedroom for mindfulness.

  • The design is minimalistic.
  • The hook and strings are very strong.
  • Creates pretty soothing sound notes.
  • One year moneyback guarantee.
  • The design is pretty basic and simple.


2. Nalulu Rustic Low Tone Bamboo Wind Chime

Nalulu Rustic - best low tone wind chimes


This is yet another great wind chime from Nalulu. This is one of the most impressive looking and best bamboo wind chimes over there. The rustic dark color schemes and the patterns are very beautiful.

The design language is pretty standard and anyone should like the aesthetics. The Nalulu Rustic Coconut chime comes in two different sizes.

The medium is 12 inches long and the large variant is 16 inches long. The coconut shell is used along with bamboo in this wind chime. It adds up to the overall aesthetics and experience of the chime.

The craftsmanship of this product is no different than other Nalulu products. They have used a pretty strong hooking system for hanging the chime.

You don’t even need to worry about placing it in an open place. The corrosion-resistant steel cords can withstand rainwater for a long period. The floral design is created by burning with flame.

It is crafted entirely with the hand of expert Indonesian artisans. The design is very pleasing to the eyes. It creates a soothing melody. You will love it hearing in a tranquil morning.

Overall, this is a value for money wind chime for a small budget. Besides, you will experience a boosted mindfulness. A gentle wind can make it chime. While it can also withstand turbulent outdoor winds.

  • Classy ebony floral pattern.
  • It can withstand extreme winds.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • The coconut crown is a piece of beauty.
  • I didn’t find any cons to mention.


3. Cohasset Gifts Antique Bamboo Wind Chime

Cohasset Antique


This bamboo wind chime is from the Cohasset Gifts. This is a premium quality chime with an affordable price tag. The manufacturer went with a natural finish that doesn’t look perfect.

But it looks very pleasant to the eyes. The chime is 32 inches long from the hook to the end. The weight is almost a pound. The Balinese artisans from Indonesia are great at crafting these chimes.

The manufacturer imports directly from them. So, you don’t need to worry about the genuineness of the product. The overall look is quite common. But the build quality is very sturdy.

They didn’t cut off the node of the bamboo. This is why it looks natural as well as strong. The strings of the chime are made from the best cords. It can easily withstand rain waters if you place it outdoors.

There is a coconut shell just under the hook. It is a beautiful addition to the chime. What I liked about it is that they matched the color of the coconut shell with the bamboo.

This is a small thing but nice to have. The sound quality is good enough. It creates inharmonic deep tones. The sound is not that loud to disturb the neighbors either.

Overall, this can be a great gift item for your near and dear ones.

  • Beautiful brownish color.
  • Very natural finish with nodes.
  • Strong and sturdy strings.
  • Produce soothing melodies.
  • A little varnish would make it gorgeous.


4. Cohasset Gifts Hand Painted Bird Bamboo Wind Chime

Cohasset Gifts Hand Painted Bird - Best Feng Shui Wind Chimes


This is a unique looking wind chime. And, this is my personal favorite on this list. The price is a bit higher though. But this is worth paying for this beautiful showpiece.

It will add an extra dimension to your indoor or outlook living space. The design of this windchime is a bit complex. I am surprised to see the details they maintained while building this.

The bird at the top of the chime is also made of bamboo. Although this is hand-painted with a lot of colors to make it even more gorgeous.

The portion which creates the vibration looks like other ordinary bamboo chimes. The manufacturer put a glossy varnish finishing on the bamboo clappers. On top of that, there is a lining of painted patterns.

A lot of extra strings are used to make the feet and the leg joints of the bird. The wind chime is completely made of organic green materials.

They didn’t use a single piece of plastic even in this complex craft. The total length of the chime is 36 inches. However, the width is larger than other ordinary chimes because of this unique bird design.

It creates nice melodies. The tune is not that loud but it is deep enough. You will surely love hearing the tune on a windy lazy afternoon. Overall, this is one of the best feng shui wind chimes out there.

  • Unique and aesthetic design.
  • Eyecatching to the children.
  • A good gift for a special person.
  • It looks beautiful on your patio.
  • The complex design makes it fragile..


5. Nalulu Birdhouse Melodic Bamboo Wind Chime

Nalulu Birdhouse Melodic - best low tone wind chimes


This is yet another beautifully crafted bamboo wind chime from Nalulu. It is completely hand carved. This birdhouse chime can be a great ornament for your zen garden.

You will surely love this wind chime at your first sight. The product is made from bamboo, wood, and fabric strings. The overall footprint is large enough. This is 35 inches long.

The windcatcher has adequate length for producing good vibration. The entire thing is varnished with a double protection resin layer. I mostly liked the hand painting on this chime.

The artisans used rainbow colors to illustrate beautiful Asian floras. The lemon green accent will refresh your mind while the orange color will give you mental strength.

The design is very good for mindfulness and relaxing. You won’t have any complaint about the build quality I guess. Because it feels so sturdy and durable.

Since the chime is heavier than other plain designed chimes, it needs a stronger hook. The manufacturer used a stainless steel hook and durable strings in this bamboo wind chime.

So, what about the sound notes? In a word, it’s stunning. Although it needs a stronger wind to make good sounds. But when it gets adequate wind it creates a soothing tune. This is a very good option as a relaxing wind chime.

  • Gorgeous birdhouse design.
  • Colorful hand-painted patterns.
  • Their warranty policy is great.
  • The build quality looks durable.
  • Paintings may wear out soon.


6. Cohasset Gifts Welcome Sign Bamboo Wind Chime

Cohasset Gifts Welcome Sign


This is a stunning memorial wind chime from Cohasset Gifts. This is yet another eco-friendly wind chime made from bamboo. There is a “Welcome” sign engraved in this bamboo wind chime.

This is perfectly suited for hanging in your main gate. It has a dark brown finishing. It looks pretty classy. This is a rare color. Because most of the bamboo wind chimes come in light brown color.

The chime is not entirely made with bamboo. The sign used a thin plate of wood. In terms of build quality, it is good enough. Although I would prefer some patterns on the windcatcher.

The hook and the strings are well tied. They will withstand some strong winds and extreme weather conditions. The sound quality is as perfect as it’s aesthetics. It produces a loud sound.

The clappers are arranged linearly. Maybe this is the reason for the deep sound notes. You can hear the melody even if you hang this far from you. Overall, it provides great value in this budget.

The “Welcome” sign is a great plus point. If there was an option for customizing the sign, it would be amazing. But still, it is considered one of the best bamboo wind chimes for anyone willing to gift someone.

  • Creates relaxing sound notes.
  • A great addition to your main gate.
  • The sounds won’t annoy the neighbors.
  • Crafted from organic materials.
  • No option for custom lettering.


7. DateDirect Memorial Large Bamboo Wind Chime

DateDirect Memorial Large - Best Feng Shui Wind Chimes


This wind chime is from the brand DateDirect. This is also one of the cheapest bamboo wind chimes on this list. But that doesn’t mean it is not good enough.

I would rather say this is an absolute bang for the buck. The chime has a light natural bamboo finishing. It has a glossy varnish on it. The tubes are long and arranged circularly.

The top circle is made of a lightweight wooden plate. It has the same matching color. Therefore, the overall look is very consistent from top to bottom. The build materials won’t disappoint you either.

This will surely last a few years if you take proper care. Outdoor chimes need to face extreme weather conditions. The strings are good enough not to affect by the rainwater.

You will hear mesmerizing sound effects from it. Since the tubes are long it will produce deep sound notes. The sail is light enough to catch wind even when it is blowing gently.

This is probably one of the best sounding bamboo wind chimes out there. The simple look might be a dealbreaker for some of you. But otherwise, this is a great percussion instrument to hang in your living room. If not then why not gift it to one of your gardener friends?

  • Smooth and glossy finishing.
  • The clapper is very strong for vibrating the tubes.
  • Comes in two different color schemes.
  • Suitable for a minimalist home setup.
  • It doesn’t have any crucial negative sides.


8. RENOOK Indoor Handmade Bamboo Wind Chime

RENOOK Indoor Handmade - best bamboo wind chimes


This is the most perfectly finished bamboo wind chime I have ever seen. You may mistakenly think of it as a fake bamboo chime because of the glossy finish.

However, this is most suitable for hanging inside your living room. The build quality of this chime is undoubtedly good. The varnish is used on the clapper, tubes, and the top bar.

This is why it will stay protected from worms and extreme climate effects. The suspension strings are tied strongly. Therefore, this is not only fancy looking but also durable enough.

The color of the chime is yellowish. This looks stunning even in this minimalist design language. The pipes are arranged in a linear shape. I like this arrangement better than the circular one.

It has four pairs of tubes that vibrates with the help of a single windcatcher. The tubes are of different sizes. The short tubes produce high pitched tones while the long tubes have a deeper effect.

The combination creates inharmonic sound waves that are so relaxing. The sound helps you to concentrate and boosts your mindfulness. You will be surprised to know that it is not that costly as it seems.

This is the most value for money wind chimes out there. If you are in the budget then you must pick it as soon as possible.

  • Blends nicely with any kind of interior.
  • The sound doesn’t change with time.
  • Loud melody even in a gentle wind.
  • The color and outlook are very refreshing.
  • Not very suitable for outdoor use.


9. Kooalo Premium Outdoor Bamboo Wind Chime

Kooalo Premium Outdoor


This is a fantastic wind chime from Kooalo. They make some good looking bamboo wind chimes. This premium chime has a unique color and finishing. It has a pretty common circular arrangement.

The pipes are made of bamboo. There is a top circle which is made of wood. It is made from the best bamboo. The culms are straight and strong. This is why it has superb finishing.

The pipes are polished smoothly. These create good resonance. There is a windcatcher hanging with a long string. Hence, the tubes will vibrate even if there is not a strong blow of wind.

Besides you can strike the sail to make sounds. The cords are very durable. You can hang it on your patio or living space. If you have wooden furniture in your house, it will match nicely with them.

The sound is not that loud. But it will surely help you in relaxing. The calm sound helps our brain to concentrate better. I didn’t find any flaws in this wind chime. Besides, the company has great customer service if you face any problem.

It’s was a bit tangled when delivered. But I could fix it easily without any problem. Here is a guide to a quick fix of wind chimes FYI. This is undoubtedly one of the best low tone wind chimes.

  • Tubes with different lengths and diameters.
  • Protection with a 100 percent moneyback guarantee.
  • Very good for hanging on the porch.
  • Coated with resin for protection against worms.
  • The hook should be a bit stronger.


10. MUMTOP Wooden Double Row Bamboo Wind Chime

MUMTOP Wooden Double Row - best bamboo wind chimes


This is yet another wind chime made of bamboo. Bamboo is the most common material for a wooden wind chime. Because they look natural and sound natural too.

This MUMTOP wind chime is giving you this natural look and feel. The wind chime is large enough with a 34 inches length. The pipes are of different length though.

They are hanging from a top bar horizontally. It has a unique design language. You will find two different clappers and sails in this wind chime.

It has a stainless steel “S” hook with it. Not many wind chimes come with this. It is very handy when you go to hang it in your patio shed. The tubes got a special varnish treatment for weather protection.

This chime produces a good resonance. The sound notes are kind of flat. But they are loud enough. The clapper has a good weight on it. This is why it strikes hard on the tubes.

The only drawback I found is that it needs a stronger wind blow to create sounds. Overall, this is a balanced wind chime in this budget. You are getting a good look with average sound quality.

If your priority is just decoration then you can pick this. But for sound quality, there are some other options to choose from.

  • It looks premium and classy
  • The material quality is excellent.
  • The chime is loud enough.
  • The tubes are pretty thick.
  • Gentle air struggles to make it sound.


Advantages of Using Wooden Bamboo Wind Chimes

1. Aesthetics: Bamboo wind chimes look very natural. In some cases, they look more organic than ordinary wooden wind chimes.

This natural look refreshes your mind and helps you to focus on your work. Besides, they can easily suit any kind of interior and exterior.

If you have wooden furniture in your house then wooden wind chimes are a must buy. It can easily withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions without degrading.

2. Affordability: Bamboo wind chimes are probably the most affordable type of wind chime. Other materials make good wind chimes.

But bamboo and any kind of wood are the cheapest of all. This is why the production cost is also low. But that doesn’t mean it will not look or sound good.

You have already seen some amazing wind chimes made of bamboo in the above list. They don’t look cheap at all and produces soothing sound notes.

3. Sound Quality: Metal wind chimes create the loudest sounds. But sometimes they are irritating. But the wooden wind chimes make high pitch deep sound notes that are very soothing to the ears.

These sound notes are great additions to your zen garden. Most people find this natural sound relaxing and helpful for their mindfulness. You can even keep these chimes without annoying your neighbors.

4. Eco-friendly: Bamboo wind chimes are made of hundred percent biodegradable organic materials. Most of the wooden chimes come with natural finishing without any toxic coating.

If you care for the environment then why not going for wooden or bamboo wind chimes?

5. Supporting Traditional Artisans: The wooden chimes are a great part of Asian culture. Most of the bamboo wind chimes are hand made by the artisans of South Asia.

They are not very rich. But still, they are trying to keep this heritage alive. You can support their efforts by buying these wind chimes.

How To Choose The Best Wind Chimes For Feng Shui

Feng shui is mainly a philosophy. If you translate these Chinese words into English, it means wind and water.

However, the term feng shui means the overall process of placing things in your home so that it creates harmony and balance to connect humans with the environment.

It is being practiced in the Asian culture for a long time. Although there are no proven scientific benefits, people all over the world admit the principles of feng shui.

So, what are the relations between feng shui and wind chimes? This is an interesting query. The wind chimes are used for a long time for feng shui purposes.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t practice feng shui with other elements. The legacy made wind chimes important elements of feng shui. Hence, there is no definition for a feng shui wind chime.

You can use any type of wind chimes for this. However, sound is an important factor here. The wind chimes that produce melodious and harmonic sounds that relax our brains are good for feng shui.

You can use metal or any kind of organic wind chimes like bamboo or wooden wind chimes for this purpose. The ancient people used clay and ceramic made wind chimes also.

They are good at producing sweet and balanced sounds. Nowadays, there is some wind chime that comes with LED lightings and artificial sounds. I will strictly discourage to use this for feng shui purpose.

They can be good for decoration and backyard parties. But not for feng shui. Overall, like most people, I will always prefer handcrafted bamboo wind chimes for feng shui.

If you can wisely choose the best wind chimes for feng shui you can practice this philosophy quite well.

Where To Place Wind Chimes For Feng Shui

Feng shui is all about the harmonic placement of things. You can hang your wind chime in any place in your house. I agree with that.

But if you are serious about practicing feng shui then you should keep in mind the placement of your wind chime. Here I am providing you some quick tips that will help to brainstorm the placement ideas.

You should always hang a wind chime in your main gate or entrance. This will be easily noticed by the visitors. Besides, it will get enough wind to chime.

On top of that, you will get some feng shui benefits regarding positive energy. Even, if you don’t believe in feng shui, these placement ideas will help you.

I like placing a wind chime in the passage to the kitchen or bathroom. It makes the narrow passage looks beautiful. It’s also great for turning on your mood after a boring office day.

The Sound of The Bamboo Wind Chimes – Are They Low Tone?

When the wooden clapper hits the hollow tubes of the wind chime it vibrates. Thus the sound is produced. If you strike a dried bamboo with another one you will see that it creates a muted, flat sound note.

Exactly this type of sound you are getting from a bamboo wind chime. They are also considered as the best low tone wind chimes for their characteristic. Although, the wind chimes are tuned to produce better sounds that are soothing to the ears.

The sound is inharmonic. But it is melodious when the continuous wind is blowing. You can get a quick demonstration of the sound from this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where To Buy Bamboo Wind Chimes?

You can buy bamboo wind chimes online or from offline stores. However, most people prefer buying online because it is very convenient. Wind chimes are available on almost all popular e-commerce sites. Besides, there are plenty of sites dedicated solely to the best bamboo wind chimes.

Where Do You Hang Bamboo Wind Chimes?

The fun fact is bamboo wind chimes easily suit any condition. You can place it indoors or outdoor. Bamboo is a very strong material. The rains and continuous sunburn can not harm it.

So, you are quite safe hanging it outdoor. On top of that, it doesn’t make much noise and thus you can even place it in your room. Since bamboo chimes are the best feng shui wind chimes you should be wise about the placement.

How Do You Care For Bamboo Wind Chimes?

Bamboo wind chimes are not that weather resistant. You should always keep them away from water if you want them last longer. For this reason, you can place your bamboo wind chime under a roof or sail.

You can place them in the outdoors exposed to the sun. But, it’s better to put a coating of varnish on it so that it gets protected against rainwater.

Do Wind Chimes Bring Good Luck?

It’s all about someone’s belief. Scientifically, wind chimes can’t bring good luck. But some people of some culture consider wind chimes have a spiritual power that can bring good lucks.

Some also believe that wind chimes can drive away negative energy from a house.

Final Words

Bamboo wind chimes are great additions to your yard or house. This is one of the most affordable and classy ways to beautify your ambiance.

The most important factor is sound. There are many apps to generate relaxing sounds. But nothing can beat a bamboo wind chime in producing soothing sounds.

Hope this article has helped you to choose the best bamboo wind chime for practicing feng shui in your house.

Affiliate Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.